The main specialty of our product is the quality provided by us at economical rates.
Our main products are:

1. Rapeseed D.O.C. :-
Rapeseed De-Oiled cake is produce by crushing fine quality rapeseeds having correct moisture and oil content.

2. Ricebran D.O.C. :-
The cake derived on crushing the superior quality rice. These are rich in many nutrients thus in high demand for feeding dog, fish, horse, pig, other cattle. Besides, Oiled Cake contains digestible fiber as well as minerals and vitamins suitable for the improving the health of cattle

3. Wheat :-
wheat can be ground into flour or, using hard durum wheat only, can be ground into semolina; germinated and dried creating malt; crushed or cut into cracked wheat; parboiled (or steamed), dried, crushed and de-branned into bulgur also known as groats.

4. Rice :-
Rice is one of the main staple foods in India. Our Agriculture Rice is rich in fiber content and so it is easily digested. Highly nutritious in nature our cooking rice is wide on demand in international market.

5. Bajra :-
The best quality Indian Bajra that is procured from natural sources of the country. Used in various cooking purposes, the Bajra Grain offered by us possesses high nutritional value.

6. Guar korma :-
It is a very high protein content cattle feed raw material and is used worldwide for producing superior quality cattle feed. In many markets it is also known as Guar meal.

7. Soya D. O. C :-
Soya De-Oiled Cake is a free flowing coarse granular material, produced from cleaned soybean seeds after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction.

8. Groundnut D. O. C :-
We offer qualitative range of Groundnut De-Oiled Cake that is procured from best sources of the nation. Utilized as cattle and poultry feed.

9. Sunflower D. O. C :-
Sunflower De oiled Cake is available in different packing and quantities according to the needs of customers. We obtain Sunflower Seed from best and natural resources that assure our customers of our authenticity.